Sunday 22 November 2009

MCPD Windows Upgrade 70-566

I have just finished the exam 70-566 UPGRADE: Transition your MCPD Windows Developer Skills to MCPD Windows Developer 3.5. This exam is an upgrade for those developers who have already attained the MCPD Windows Developer on .NET 2.0.

As an upgrade this exam contains elements from both 70-505 and 70-563. Like upgrade exams this allows people who have already got their MCPD to combine two exams into one so that they don’t have to pay for doing both exams.

Anyways, a bit about the exam. The preparation materials for this exam are fairly limited. I did use my own set of posts on 70-505. Considering the limited number of changes to Windows Forms in .NET 3.5 I just went through the objectives and worked from there.

Now the issue for me was how to get around the Pro part of the exam. There is no book for this exam and the Pro exams usually test experience with the product and development architecture such as what would you do in this context when faced with an design/architectural issue. So how do you deal with that.

What I used was the Pro book from 70-548 and used the objectives list from 70-563  to supplement what I needed to know. This will not work for everyone especially if you haven’t been through a Pro level exam before. So how do you prepare for this. Well again I would say use the book from 70-548 so you can get a feel for what may be asked for in the exam. Also take an exam with MeasureUp and see what how you get on.

And some nice new logos for me :)

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MCPD Windows Developer 3.5

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