Monday 9 November 2009

I must be doing something right

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Well I don’t think that this case is too flattering. I found a copy of my series on the 70-505 objectives copied verbatim on another blog. No links back, no kudos to the original author for work, nadda! It was posted as their own work on their blog.

So lets play a game of spot the difference

Link 1:

Link 2:

I have not hyperlinked the copiers site as who wants to drive some traffic to them in the first place. So lets take a quick look shall we. When I was writing that post, I found it was getting increasingly difficult to find certain MSDN articles that matched up to the objectives in the exam matrix.

So I improvised and used some common sense and gave the user links to the relevant overview pages and some other topics I thought were possibly relevant. Such as the XCOPY command as this is one that you use when you are doing deployments for ASP.NET applications sometimes. I thought some Windows Forms people may like a refresher on it.

Also in relation to permissions on the application side I added a number of links which I now realise are possibly in the wrong area of the post. But I didn’t have a chance to change this issue yet and so if it was the person’s own work they would have noticed this and changed it.

Now for some of the links, they are ordered the way that they are listed in the MSDN library but in some cases I reordered them to suit a better pattern or because (in most cases) I was tired and reordered by accident.

So in an image lets look at this (click to enlarge)

Copy work

As you can see there is quite a bit of duplication in image including the afore mentioned XCOPY and security links. Its a carbon copy in fact.

Now the copier had the common sense to not include the preamble I use to my objectives series posts and the exit text I put there as well, which means its not a automated process.

Its quite annoying when you see that amount of work passed off by someone else. You can expect a small bit of fair use copying where the person links back to the original etc but this type of blatant plagiarism can really get my back up sometimes.

This process was done for all 7 posts on 70-505 I made during October.

And I did leave a comment on the blog posts in question but for some reason they don’t seem to be published.


Unknown said...

I prefer so far the original post...
thanks for all.

Frank-Ove Kristiansen said...

Hmmm, not very nice.
The guy should at least credit you for the original post.