Wednesday 11 February 2009

NNUG Certification Presentation

This is the presentation I gave at the NNUG meeting last week.

Friday 6 February 2009

TechNet Plus Direct offer

TechNet Plus Direct gives you access to 70 MS Products for evaluation without any time limits. Great if you are doing any of the MCITP exams for example.

You can find more information on TechNet here

Now it usually costs USD349 but using the voucher code TNPV08 you can get it for USD297. Only US orders.

Wednesday 4 February 2009

MS Learning peeps on twitter

So if you are like me and use Twitter a bit, you start to find people as you go along. So recently I have followed a couple of people from MS Learning
Give them a free promo and maybe get some more followers...

Update on Second Shot & Career Assist

So we were expecting the Career Assist package to be launched today but there was a slight mistake and now its the 6th oh well..

Anyways, as a little conselation prize there is some added incentive to Second Shot.

Register for second shot starting today and you will get any Microsoft eLearning course for 35USD!

Small catch, the eLearning will be available for 90 days as compared to 18 months at the full price. But hey its a pretty sweet deal!

Tuesday 3 February 2009

How to find out how much a Microsoft exam costs

Another question that is commonly asked is "How much does X exam cost in Y country".

Well a very easy way to find out is
  • Click on this link
  • Select your country
  • Select Exam Fees
  • Select Microsoft
  • Select the exam you want
You will see the cost of the exam in the currency that is available.

Hope that helps

Free eLearning courses for Microsoft Partners

So if you are working for a Microsoft Partner, there are some training perks. One of them is a few free eLearning courses.

If you are in the Information Worker role, here is the scoop. Head over to this site and sign in with your Live ID that is associated with your Organisation in the MS Partner Program.

You can find out what courses are available from here (Excel 2007)

Microsoft Certified For Success Offer

For those of you involved in Software Licencing, this is a handy little nugget. Called the Certified for Success offer, its purely aimed at the Licencing competency for MS Partners

MS are offering 50% off the exam fee for certain exams until 31-March-2009. Specifically exams
  • 70-671 Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Small and Medium Organizations
  • 70-672 Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations
And there is an added bonus offer (sound like a dodgy infomercial now).

The first 500 Microsoft Partners to complete the Licencing competency will get a full exam voucher free to use within their organisation.

Also there is some training that is also free which can be found here.

You can register for your exam voucher here

Release dates for upcoming exams

Gerry O'Brien has some updates for the release dates of a lot of exams coming up

So without further ado

SQL Server 2008
  • 70-433 MCTS SQL Server 2008 Database Development 27-Jan-2009
Visual Studio 2008
  • 70-563 MCPD .NET 3.5 Windows Developer 03-Feb-2009
  • 70-505 MCTS .NET 3.5 Windows Forms Application Development 05-Feb-2009
  • 70-565 MCPD .NET 3.5 Enterprise Applications Developer 23-Feb-2009
  • 70-566 Upgrade Transition your MCPD Windows Developer Skills to MCPD Windows Developer 3.5 10-Mar-2009
  • 70-567 Upgrade Transition your MCPD Web Developer Skills to MCPD ASP.NET Developer 3.5 03-Mar-2009
  • 70-568 Upgrade Transition your MCPD Enterprise Application Developer Skills to MCPD Enterprise Applications Developer 3.5, Part 1 26-Mar-2009
  • 70-569 Upgrade Transition your MCPD Enterprise Application Developer Skills to MCPD Enterprise Applications Developer 3.5, Part 2 26-Mar-2009
  • 70-577 Windows Embedded Standard Development 2009 05-Feb-2009
Please be aware that these dates can change without notice