Wednesday 13 May 2009

Fixing the 403 error with Live Writer and publishing posts with images

On Blogger you can receive a 403 error when you create a post that contains embedded images. You can publish without images ok

The issue relates that WLW publishes the images to Picassa and your account may not be set up. So login to to fix this and you should be able to post images to your blog


Al Bossence said...

We are getting the 400 error
The server reported an error with the following URL:

400 Bad Request

Invalid category term

Unknown said...

From Google

A 400 response code identifies a bad request. For example, you will receive a 400 response code if you submit a request to the wrong URL or include an unsupported or nonexistent parameter in your request. The API response content will explain the reason wny the API returned a 400 response code

Possible solutions for this include

This blog post may do the trick

Also if you click on Help -> About there is a show log file link that can possibly help narrow down the cause of the issue for you

Me said...

I know you posted this a while ago, but thanks! Fixed my problem :)