Sunday 21 December 2008

Ctrl+. keyboard shortcut not working (RESOLUTION)

I have been rebuilding my machine and installing Vista and VS 2008 and all the rest of the tools I use for my daily life.

One of the things that I love about VS 2008 was the resolve usings smart tag and the ctrl+. keyboard shortcut.

Now this mysteriously vanished once I installed a couple of different tools such as F# (which turns out was the culprit)

Firstly I used the VS 2008 macro editor to list as the keybindings that are in use. Macro was found here and found that it was linked to OtherContextMenus.FSIConsoleContext.CancelEvaluation which is an F# keybinding. A quick google led me to a this blog post which details how to fix the issue.

In VS2008
  1. Click Tools -> Options -> Keyboard
  2. Type "View.ShowSmartTag" in the "Show commands containing:" entry field
  3. Hold down "ctrl" and press "." (dot) in the "Press shortcut keys" entry field
  4. Click "Assign"
This will fix the Ctrl+. issue.. Thank god for that!

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