Thursday 22 October 2009

Windows 7 Released Today!

Well Windows 7 is finally released to general public. Happy days

windows_7Well there is not a lot to say as the press are all over it and the rest of the blogosphere, except well done to the Windows Engineering team. You guys did a great job.



So in the vein of Windows 7 - 7 little touches to personalise your Win 7 experience.

  1. Some free official Windows 7 themes
  2. If you have dual screen monitors and want to use a fairly large picture as your background on both screens. Its easy!
    • Just on your desktop background set it to tiled
    • PictureFill 
  3. Microsoft Security Essentials to secure your PC
  4. Change your Start menu shut down option
    • Right click on the Windows button and click properties
    • Start
    • Change your power button action to which one suits you
  5. Share with the HomeGroup feature
  6. Play with Aero Shake
  7. Finally watch with Windows Media Centre

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