Tuesday 21 April 2009

Hiring Managers: We need your advice!

We're creating a new guide for hiring managers, and we need your help! We're reaching out to Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) to gather job descriptions and resumes for the following job roles:

· Server Administrator

· Database Administrator

· Database Developer

· Desktop Technician

· Systems Engineer

Where do you come in? If you're a hiring manager who works, hires or trains employees in these jobs, we need your feedback to help determine the accuracy of the job descriptions we gather. If any of the jobs listed above sound like yours or those of your direct reports, we invite you to join us in a conference call 9-10 AM, Pacific Time, Wednesday April 22nd to offer your advice. Contact Monica Kilwine (v-monick@microsoft.com) to take part in the call. Your input is vital to the creation of an effective hiring guide, and we look forward to your participation!

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