Tuesday 21 April 2009

Do you hire IT personnel? Be part of a podcast!

We’re looking for Seattle-area hiring managers to share their thoughts on Microsoft Certification and its relevance in making hiring decisions. Tell us what you look for in prospective IT hires, and how certification influences your decision.

Some questions to consider: What does it tell you about a potential new hire when you see certifications on a resume? What advice would you give a job-seeker who is looking for a new position or considering a career change? In this difficult economy, your words of wisdom could make all the difference for someone seeking to get hired in the IT field.

Recording will take place at the Microsoft Learning offices in Bellevue, Washington, and will take only an hour or two of your time. Contact Monica Kilwine (v-monick@microsoft.com) for a pre-interview. Only Seattle-area candidates will be considered.

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