Monday 2 February 2015

Swetugg resources

Earlier today (02-Feb) I presented at the newly minted Swetugg conference in Stokholm, Sweden. This was my second time in Sweden presenting and as always, it is a lot of fun with the Swedish developer community. Many thanks for the Swetugg committee for inviting me over and letting me wreak havoc with the attendees!

I had the last time slot of the day and the session was the old reliable Defensive Programming 101 which at this stage has been on the go as long as some of the developers attending the conference. This time around however, I had to deliver it in 40 minutes which is extremely tricky given the amount of material that is in the talk right now. That didn’t happen however, and I was still answering questions 20 minutes over the time slot.

Thanks to all who came to the talk and many thanks to the tech people who managed to get the system working under severe pressure. Also thank you to Fabian Miiro for acting as room monitor and also taxi cab hunter for my dash to the airport straight after my talk.

As promised some of the resources from the talk


Some nice tweets and followups from the day.

A write up from Jaime González García 

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