Monday 16 January 2012

Request for speakers NNUG Online

Last year I ran a series of online Live Meetings under the brand NNUG Online. NNUG Online was an idea I had on trying to get around the issue of how to get more international speakers to the local Norwegian .NET User Groups. One of the benefits of MVP program is a Live Meeting account so I used that to host these meetings and from there, the issue was to find speakers.

Through the magic of twitter and some networking connections made at the MVP Summit & previous Norwegian Developer Conferences, I was able to line up some excellent speakers and its started with K Scott Allen. Over the year we had Jon Skeet, Scott Hanselman, Scott Guthrie, Hadi Hariri, Jon Galloway and Einar Ingebrightsen.

This year I would like to continue on with NNUG Online as I think it has brought something extra to the Norwegian developer community.

So if you are interested in speaking at one of these meetings please just drop me a line. The meetings range from 60 to 120 minutes including questions. They can be on any topic in programming provided that they can be included in .NET so for example things like Open Source, GIT and such are fine. It is done through Live Meetings so you will need that client on your machine. It is normally scheduled for 20h00 CET (which is 12h00 PST in Seattle for example and 15h00 EST in New York) at the end of the month, though we are quite flexible.

If you are interested in doing a session, please email with overview of your talk, estimated running time and dates that you can do it.

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