Thursday 21 January 2010

MCTS .NET 2.0 Web-based Client Development – 70-528 – Objectives List Part 1

This is the first in another collection of posts that have links to the different objectives covered in the 70-528 exam. There is also a series on ASP.NET 3.5 exam 70-562 (here)

Creating and programming a Web application

You can also find some information on preparing for your exams here and here, in the actual exam for 70-528. Also errata for the MS Press training kit


Anonymous said...

Two questions:
- Is there a "part II" of objectives list for 70-528?
- Why this post doesn't have a "70-528" tag?

Unknown said...

Itc coming, its quite a large post so is taking a while to compile it.

I will retag this will 70-528